Supra Lockbox

Why Upgrade? 

Adding a Supra Lockbox makes it much easier for Agents to show buyer's your home. They simply call you and provide a time range that they will be at your home to show it. They use their registered Electronic Lock Box Key and access the Supra Lockbox. 

Big Advantages... 

Your home can be shown when you are not there. Think about it, you may be at work, the grocery store, shuffling the kids to a Birthday Party or at the movies...maybe even on vacation. 

You won't risk losing potential Buyers that have a tight schedule and can't work around you being at home to meet them. 

You can track the Agents who show your home! Go Flat Fee Realty will provide you with a daily list of the Agents who accessed your Lock Box. You will receive an e-mail with the Agent's name, cell phone number, email address, and company name. The email is also time and date stamped which gives you the exact time the agent entered your property. 

The Supra Lock Box is one of the most Effective Sales Tools in Marketing your property today.

What you get... 

The use of the Supra Lockbox for the same period of time as your Selling Package. 

A weekly update of the Agents that used the Supra Lockbox and their contact information will be e-mailed to you, 

Convenience, Follow-up, and Feedback. 

The fine print... 

A $80.00 Rental and Security Fee is required at the time of purchase. The lockbox must be returned to goflatfeerealty in good working Order.

The Lockbox will be delivered along with your yard sign.,