MLS Flat Fee Real Estate Agent in Mississippi

* Why List with Us?

*We Save your Cash Equity, so you don't have to pay 5-6 or 7% agent commission.

*Your Real Estate is Posted and Appears in the Local MLS, just like all other Listings

*You get Full Service from the time you list until your property tranaction is completed

*You have easy Broker Access 7 Days a week. (Our Broker active in Your Market Area since 1991)

*Contact us by: Phone (we answer), Email (we respond) Text (Responce, normally within the minute)

*We Charge 0% Listing Commission

The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a local database containing all properties listed for sale with REALTORS®. Through the MLS, REALTORS® “Share” listings with all other REALTORS®, and offer compensation or a “co-broke” commission to any REALTORS®.. who brings a buyer to their listing. It is by far the most important and effective place to list a property for sale. Properties listed for sale in the Jackson MLS are viewed by the public on REALTOR®.com, Jackson REALTOR®.com and hundreds of other national sites.

REALTORS® in Jackson and surrounding areas place properties listed for sale in the Central MS MLS. All homes listed for sale in Hinds, Madison, Rankin, Smith, Scott, Copiah and Yazoo Counties are found in the Central MS. MLS.

How They Work: Traditional Listing Brokers

In Mississippi, most traditional Listing Brokers charge you, the seller, 5-6 or 7% commission (FACT: Real Estate Commissions are negotiable)  for the successful sale of your home. They enter your listing in the MLS and wait for other REALTORS® (called Buyer Brokers) to a bring buyer clients to see your property. If one of the Buyer Brokers sells your property to their client, then your Listing Broker splits the commission with that Buyer that Buyer Broker typically (but not always) half of the commission you offered to pay (known in the industry as a “co-broke” commission), and keeping the other half for themself.

Sometimes, a buyer contacts your traditional Listing Broker directly; comes to see your house; then buys it directly through your Listing Broker with no other Buyer Broker involved. In this scenario, your Listing Broker keeps the entire commission for himself. This business model is antiquated, and not designed to benefit the seller. This structure has not changed in decades, even as home prices have gone up. If you have a home worth $100,000, you pay 6% commission ($6,000); if you have a home worth $500,000, you still pay 6% commission ($30,000). Doesn’t sound fair, does it? Did you know that when you list your home with a traditional Listing Broker, and you, the seller, decide to sell your home directly to your brother, sister or any other friend or family still owe that Listing Broker commission!!! Food for thought, isn’t it?

How We Work : Flat Fee MLS

You can list your property with Go Flat Fee Realty for as little as $399 (this fee covers all the marketing for your property), NOT 5-6 or 7% commission. We enter your listing in the MLS, offering a “co-broke” commission to Buyer Brokers (in the Jackson area, we recommend 2.5% to 3.5%, It's your choice, you are free to offer as much or as little as you choose).

Option 1. You may choose to actively participate in the sale of your home or property, by handling, sales calls, setting appointments, and showing your property to buyers.              Go Flat Fee Realty takes care of ALL Real estate duties such as: (Legal Documents) writing and or receiving all offers, reviewing and negotiating all offers with you, working with the buyers agent or the buyer through their mortgage process,  including any and all inspections, appraisal and closing attorney. 

Option 2.  Go Flat Fee Realty will take your sales calls, set appointments and show your property to buyers. With this option you agree, should Go Flat Fee Realty make the sale for your property, and completes your transaction, through the closing process, the   administration fee is void, and Go Flat Fee Realty earns only the commission you have offered to the buyer’s broker.

Should any of the Buyer Brokers sell your home, your total cost to sell would be, 1. Our flat administration fee (around 1% of your list price) and the “co-broke” commission you chose to offer. through Go Flat Fee Realty to other brokers in the MLS.

 Worst Case scenario: Your savings would be around 2 - 2.5% of your Sale Price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Best Case scenario: The buyer not represented by an agent. There is no commission for you to pay at all! Your savings compared to the traditional agent commissions will be Thousands.

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