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Brandon home with acreage


Tripp and Christy Purviance's Testimonial

I must admit that I am always skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. A friend of mine listed his house with Go Flat Fee Realty and told me that he had no doubt that his home would have sold if he had not decided to keep his house. Curious about the details, I asked him to tell me more. When he explained that our home would be listed on MLS and other sites just like it was listed with a traditional realtor, but with a flat fee instead of commission, I was hooked. The good news did not stop there. We found out the way you would help us with many details such as what angels to take pictures, paperwork, negotiations, and offer encouraging words and adice throughout the process. We knew the market was tough, and we would likely not get what we thought our home was worth. In addition, handing over three to six percent of my hard-earned money to a listing agent just did not seem fair. After all, I am the one who is inconvenienced with open houses, keeping my house and yard spotless, and arranging my schedule to accomodate showings. The bottom line is that we are extremely pleased with Go Flat Fee Realty! We got a fair price for our home and opted to have you handle negotiations and paperwork, which was well worth the nominal administration fee and no where near three or even six percent commission we would have paid. Would I use Go Flat Fee Realty again? Let me answer that with another question: Would I opt to give away $19,000 dollars with my next house sale or would I rather keep that money for my family? I'll keep the money! Thanks Pete. Christy and I will be two of your biggest champions anytime we hear of someone deciding to sell their home.

Tripp & Christy Purviance

Posted on 02/22/2012