Three Reasons Why Agents are Afraid to Adopt New Real Estate Technology

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Technologies that can help REALTORS accomplish more in less time and can give them a serious edge over the competition while also helping to simplify their lives. With those obvious benefits in mind, it might seem strange to hear that some agents are very reluctant about adopting new technologies. Three of the main reasons why they are afraid to incorporate new technologies follow:

1. Accustomed to old technologies: Many times, a REALTOR doesn’t want to adopt a new device or program because they are simply accustomed to using something else. When you have used the same process and tools for several years, it’s easy to overlook the fact that newer tools simply work better. Although they will have to learn how to use those newer technologies, the investment in hours will pay for itself many times over.

2. They don’t realize the extent in which new technologies will help them: The biggest reason why REALTORS don’t change over to new and better devices or software is simply because they don’t fully realize how much easier their lives will be. If they knew that such new technologies were going to dramatically boost productivity and earnings, they would adopt them as fast as possible.

3. Cost: It’s hard to justify buying new technology if you already have certain tools and aren’t aware of the benefits brought to the table by newer tools. However, REALTORS have to remember that they need to invest in their business and purchasing new technologies is a wise investment.

Share with us improvements you've seen as a result of integrating technology or why you are holding back from doing so!