Four Advantages to Listing Your Home During the Holidays

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The holiday season can be a great time to list your home. But too often sellers make the mistake  of just sitting back and waiting until after the new year to start marketing their property. Listing during the holidays can prove advantageous to sellers in a few ways:

1. Less Competition: Fewer homes on the market means less competition for you, so take advantage of this marketing opportunity and list your home.

2. Motivated Buyers. Usually buyers searching for homes during the holidays or winter months are more serious and motivated to buy. They often have a need to buy, forcing them to house hunt, so make sure your home is on the market and ready to show.

3. Festive Showings: Homes all dressed up for the holidays look great and will impress buyers. So make sure you go all out with beautiful holiday decorations for the holidays. Don’t forget the holiday scented candles for showings too!

4. Tax Incentives: Some buyers want to take the leap into home-ownership before years end to take advantage of any tax incentives.

As you can see, homeowners who list their properties over the holidays may have some marketing advantages over those who choose to wait. A listing service like ours will help you to save thousands of dollars in commission when you sell.